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Please Pray For Our Ministry!

Carol Purcell
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The purpose of our website:  To encourage ”Believers” to take the power and authority given by Jesus, to say “No” to the devil, especially against violence.

Many thanks to those brave young men and women who Shave survived the rampage of shooting in our country and continued to be a testimony to Jesus Christ as Lord.  Their courage and faith are an inspiration to all of us.  God is not mocked, many will turn to Him in response to the carnage.  God will bring good out of what the devil meant for evil! 

Statement of Faith:

We always focus on Jesus, abide in the Word of God;  Jesus is our life!  The devil and his demons are the enemy.   Although demons are subject to followers of Christ Jesus, we rejoice in the fact that our names are written in Heaven.  (Luke 10:20)  

These pages may be the most important thing you will ever read—it may save your life, or the life of someone you know.  (Check out the testimonies.)  We are in a war.  There is a vicious and deadly virus of evil sweeping our country.  Open fire against unsuspecting men, women and children.  

Without effective prayer no one is safe anywhere even within the sanctuary of a church! The devil will strike, he respects no person or territory!  Churches are a target and schools are endangered.  The work place can become a shooting gallery.  It is time to awake to the danger and avail ourselves of the power and authority Jesus gives, and to gain understanding of how to fight back. There are no formulas, no incantations, no silver bullets all of life depends upon on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!


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